Workshop | Catnip Flowers 貓草花藝

美麗的照片中, 總是不能缺少唯美的素材,



二話不說馬上報名, 來增加一點花藝的美感吧!

We can't create beautiful photos without the essential props. Flowers are some of the most important elements. I was more than happy to join my friend when she invited me to take this course.

這次開課的是有名的 Catnip Flowers 貓草花藝, Joyce正妹老師!


而且超級大方的準備至少10來種的花草, 想要讓我們可以盡情發揮

We’re honored to have the owner of “Catnip Flowers 貓草花藝”, Joyce to guide us in this course. In order to expose the students to a wide variety of flowers, she woke up early to gather the materials from downtown. Thanks to her we were able to get extra creative.

等到學員都到齊之後, 老師就開始發放上課的器材嚕!

when everyone were ready, Joyce started to introduce the tools

1. 剪刀一把 (要準備專業的那種, 不然比較硬的花材剪不斷喔! ) professional scissors x 1

2. 花器一盆 (看要插的花盆形式, 選擇不一樣的器皿) flower pot x 1

3. 劍山一座 (是要固定花材用的) mental flower frog x 1


Joyce introduced step by step carefully

大家開始自由發揮中 (就是亂插的意思 lol )

Let's do it!! all of us were playing in freestyle!! haha!!

將!將! 蘿莉第一次插花的成果!

jong! jong! It's my first Flower Art creative!!



還挺好玩的,時而自己買點花才來插個一小盆,也別有風趣! : ))

What I learned from this class:

Both flower arrangement and photography take a special sense for beauty. Everyone has his or her own unique flair.

This is something fun we can all do every now and then.

這次課程中才知道Joyce老師就要回台灣了! (真的好可惜)

不過台灣的朋友有福啦! 可以去報名貓草花藝的課程喔! (也可以認識正妹老師)


Just learned that Joyce will be returning to Taiwan.

But I'm excited for you guys in Taiwan. Hope you take the time to check out this babe and her class!!

Catnip Flowers 貓草花藝

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